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This reminds me of mini metro. I really like the game

Thank you! I've played Mini Metro as well; I like it.

Three-way traffic lights would be nice too.

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That might work well; it's a possibility in the future as well.

Could you add one-way roads? (Love the game, btw - I've spent way too many hours playing it!)

I'm glad you like it, thanks! One-way roads is a little hard with the current car pathfinding, unfortunately. If I ever revamp that aspect, it's a possibility, though.

Could you make a speedup feature?

I think I could give it a go.

fix the fullscreen please

The fullscreen button is more of an thing, but I'll see if I can do anything about it.

versionthat works on ipad plz

Placing roads would work nicely with touchscreen, but I'd have to rethink all the the other controls (e.g. SPACE to pause, ctrl-clicking, etc.) to make everything else work on such a device. Maybe in the future, though.

Your pathfinding implementation doesn't properly check whether a stoplight is never going to be green when approaching from a certain side, as demonstrated in this screenshot:

Right, the pathfinding actually ignores stoplights. This is because it's built on squares either being "on" or "off," while a stoplight adds a directional aspect to it. If I generalize the pathfinding to allow for directed graphs (it would be a serious generalization), then it could allow for permanently blocked stoplights and even one-way streets.

Turning undirected Dijkstra/A* to directed should only be a few lines. Especially in this case it's feasible to just hack in a specific check for permanently blocked stoplights and skip if true.

This is certainly something I would consider generalizing in the future.

I've implemented a change (v1.1.2) that should address this somewhat.