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R-Theta II is an arcade-style SHMUP "in" polar coordinates. The game is based entirely in a circle, and all motion in the game is angular (rather than on a Cartesian grid).

You control a triangular shooter mounted on a spinning radar-scope-like line. You must prevent various enemies from hitting this line by shooting them, which will cause the line to continually rotate faster. Some of the enemies shoot at you, causing the triangular shooter to temporarily freeze in place. As the game progresses, new enemies - each of which has its own behavior - will arrive.

R-Theta II is the sequel to a very simple arcade-style shooter I made with these core mechanics.


The controls are fully customizable. Just press F2 at the title screen to bring up the Options menu, then select "Controls..."

Default Controls Scheme:

UP: Increase radius of shooter (move it away from the center)
DOWN: Decrease radius of shooter (move it toward the center)
Z: Fire Misile
X (hold): Fire Rapid-Fire
C: Fire Standard Shot

Install instructions

Make sure you unzip! Thanks for playing!


r_theta2.zip 3 MB

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