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Following the events of Ceramic Shooter: Electronic Poem, the main character finds himself in an 8-dimensional normed vector-space. It's rather grey - so he decides to fill it with color.

In Ceramic Painter, you fight endless waves of procedurally generated enemies, and each wave culminates with a (procedurally generated) boss. The game, however, "evolves" as you play - a bit like Hikware's Warning Forever. Enemies have six continuously-varying "stats" (bullet spread, fire rate, bullet speed, speed, intelligence, and shields), all of which affect their behavior, attack patterns, and appearance. If an enemy successfully damages you or escapes through the bottom of the screen, its stats will likely be "passed on" to future generations of enemies.

When you destroy an enemy, it may drop a powerup which contains it "stats" information. Pick up these powerups by holding <X> to attract them to your ship (you do not shoot while attracting). Once picked up, the powerup adds its six stats to your ship's own stats (note that "intelligence" is replaced by "attract," which affects your ship's ability to attract powerups). Your ship's stats are displayed on a hexagon-shaped display.


Arrow keys: Move
X: Attract Mode
P: Pause Game
Esc: Exit
F4: Toggle fullscreen

Install instructions

Make sure you unzip! Thanks for playing!


cpainter.zip 7 MB

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