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Suprematist Game #1 is a very simple, minimalist game that is about the spacial relationships between forms. It uses an art style inspired by early Suprematist artists, such as Kasimir Malevich.

You move the red circle, trying to stay equidistant from each of the two off-white quadrilaterals. Each distance is marked with a different colored triangle, so you want to keep both triangles equal in length. If one distance becomes significantly larger than the other for a second, you lose. Try to stay alive as long as possible while the quadrilaterals gradually gain speed.


Move with Arrow Keys or Mouse
M: Toggles music
SPACE: Toggles in-game score display
Left Mouse Button: Switch back to mouse control after using keyboard control

Published Jul 03, 2016
Release date Oct 12, 2008
TagsArcade, Experimental, Minimalist, tiny
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Make sure you unzip! Thanks for playing!


sg1.zip 2 MB

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