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In ORANGE, you spray herbicides on giant invasive plants in order to halt their growth, and ultimately eradicate them. This game was made for the TIGSource "A Game by its Cover" Competition.


WASD: Move
IJKL, Arrow Keys, or Mouse: Spray Herbicides (in given direction)
SPACE: Pause
ENTER: Advance dialogue, start game
Esc: Advance dialogue, exit to title screen, exit game
F4: Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
F12: Toggle FPS display

If the mouse is used, left-clicking will spray herbicides in the approximate direction of the cursor.

All three control modes (IJKL, Arrow Keys, Mouse) are simultaneously available to use in-game.

More information

Published356 days ago
Release date6 years ago
TagsArcade, arena, herbicides, orange, plants, shmup
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Make sure you unzip! Thanks for playing!


orange.zip (10 MB)

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