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Composition Piece is a short game I built around a piano piece (kind of like with my Ceramic Shooter: Electronic Poem). In the game, you play as a young composer who is writing a piece for a girl whom he likes. You control the composer as he runs and jumps through a world of classical composers, creative roadblocks, and talking metronomes.

The piece has to be perfect, though - so no mistakes! These include falling out of the scrolling view or hitting spikes.

Talk to the NPC's to get points, but you don't have to get 10/10 to get through to the end.


Arrow Keys: Move
UP or X: Jump
SPACE or C: Use hammer (to break walls - this is explained in-game)
ENTER: Advance text
Esc: Exit to menu, or exit game

Published Jul 03, 2016
Release date Jun 07, 2010
GenrePlatformer, Rhythm
Tagscomposition, Music, piano, piece
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Make sure you unzip! Thanks for playing!


composition_piece.zip 6 MB

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