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You play as a little green worm who moves throughout an image. Once the image is loaded as a level, different pixel colors represent different things, and certain terrains (like water or lava) are passable only under certain circumstances. Collect gold, and move through vast (yet minimalist) tunnels in order to complete the level.

In the actual game, you play through twelve randomly-ordered levels, trying to negotiate the labyrinths as quickly as possible. You can also design and load your own levels (it is as simple as opening Paint and drawing a picture - most image file types are accepted - consult the README file on how to do this). There is a storyline, as well as a full description of the game's controls and mechanics, in the opening cutscene.


Arrow Keys: Movement
SPACE: Pause
F3: Mute Sound
F4: Toggle Fullscreen Mode

Published Jul 03, 2016
Release date Jan 07, 2009
TagsExperimental, Minimalist, mspaint, sea, soil
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Make sure you unzip! Thanks for playing!


sea_of_soil.zip 1 MB

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